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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

As you are aware, technologies change from time to time and even very advanced equipments become obsolete. The urge to be the best helps us evolve with the ever changing environment, keep abreast with improved techniques and equip ourselves with relevant state of the art technology. India is rapidly becoming a destination for international medical tourism due to high quality professional care executed at reasonable and affordable rates.

We believe in high quality patient care. Currently, we have highly skilled professionals to take care of our large patient base. We take pride in letting you know that we match our growing volume of work with improving quality.

We are now ready to shift gears to venture into research, specifically clinical and applied. Currently our efforts are directed towards groundwork towards this goal. We believe that by collaborating nationally and internationally with institutions that have advanced basic research capabilities, we can avoid reinventing the wheel. Interdisciplinary approach is not only the fashion, but a necessity today. Our long term vision is to be recognized as one among st the best research and academic institutions in the world.

I am positive that this is a realistic goal, considering our core team of young, energetic and highly skilled professionals. We hope you will enjoy this brief journey through our family.

Dr. Grijesh Kain (Chairman & Managing Director)

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