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Oracle Eye hospital Pvt. Ltd. is approved by the National Board of Examinations to conduct the DNB (Diplomate in National Board of Examinations) training programme since the year 2003. We admit 4 candidates every year, 2 primary and 2 post DO, and have an excellent pass percentage record. Students who are interested in pursuing their studies in ophthalmology will find that our training programme provides a broad exposure into all aspects of general ophthalmology and to a wide variety of patient’s eye problems ranging from the common to the most complex. At the end of their training they are groomed, nurtured and trained to become a good comprehensive ophthalmologist capable and confident of tackling not only the common ophthalmic problems but also ophthalmic emergencies.

We offer a supportive learning-focused environment that encourages professional growth and development. Our strong academic programme includes daily lectures, case presentations, weekly journal clubs and regular CME programmes. Our teaching faculty includes eminent retired professors from the government hospitals of moradabad and visiting consultants from reputed eye institutions of moradabad who take classes on a weekly basis for our students and enhance the training process. Our Post Graduate Trainees get opportunities to interact with consultants from other parts of India and abroad during their regular visits to oracle eye hospital. They are encouraged to present research papers at state and national level conferences and to participate in CME programmes conducted by other eye institutions.

With ophthalmology becoming more technology oriented, our students have opportunities to not only use basic equipment but are also given hands-on training in using and interpreting sophisticated , high end diagnostic equipment like ultra-sound, fundus fluorescein angiogram, indocyanine green angiogram, OCT, Pentacam, IOL master etc. The smaller environment of REC provides a unique atmosphere for our students for increased opportunities and personal attention.

Our charitable wing “Chennai Vision Charitable Trust” (CVCT) which supports the treatment of patients from the lower socio-economic group, gives our Post Graduate Trainees an opportunity to attend eye camps, to treat and operate on a large number of patients under supervision. In addition to operating basic ophthalmic surgical procedures independently, they also assist on complex surgeries like vitrectomies, lamellar keraotoplasties, OOKP etc. They are also trained in using ophthalmic lasers including YAG capsulotomies, iridotomies, retinal lasers etc. We have peripheral clinics where our final year Post Graduates are posted and allowed to treat patients independently thus increasing their confidence levels. At the end of their training programme our Post Graduates are good comprehensive ophthalmologists with excellent clinical skills, well versed in the diagnosis and therapy of common ophthalmic problems and are also prepared for the complexities of private practice. We also provide subsidised residential accommodation to our students pursuing PG Program. The accommodation is in close proximity to our hospital with a view to facilitate students save on commuting time and also use the hospital infrastructure and facilities at their convenience for furthering their academic interest.

We are proud of our Post Graduates some of whom have gone on to do fellowships or work as consultants in prestigious eye hospitals or are successful private practitioners in different parts of India. We hope that the training which they have received at Rajan Eye Care has laid the foundation for a successful future in ophthalmology.


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